Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Thursday...

Well I'm in this weird mood where I'm not exactly sad but I'm not exactly happy either [for sure]. I'm listening to Amy Winehouse's last record and thinking of going out because it's just such a beautiful day outside! 
But when I think about what I'm going to see when I go out, and it's not Stuttgart's beautiful park but a main street with no soul, I'm not so sure about the whole going-out thing any more.

I spent the morning baking with my mom and it was nice, I like my mom. By the way, if you want the recipe for these delicious... I really have no idea how they are called in English, please, let me know.  Now I have to do some stuff for school but since school hasn't even started yet, I can't bring myself to do them... I'm just lazy as hell!

Well, Amy is singing now: My tears dry on their own. 
I'm not crying but it seems appropriate. I think it's time for me to start forming some kind of life here. After all, I do have 2 more years of school left and I'm going to have to make it somehow bearable. 

May be I should actually consider going out. I don't really know anyone who's had a decent social relationship with a laptop, so before I turn into a creepy facebook freak with no life, I think I'm going to finish this post and make myself a cup of tea.

I hope you have a beautiful day!
xxo P.

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