Inspiration and Copyright

Before I started blogging, I was [and of course still am] a great fan of some really nice blogs I have listed on my homepage.

I re-created a lot of the things shown there and loved the results. I feel like I have to give credit to the people that own these blogs because a lot of the things I post in my own blog are often somehow inspired by their projects and ideas. I always mention the source of an initial idea and I do not copy another blog's content. If I develop a project inspired by an idea of another blog and post it here, it means that I have changed and added a lot of things to it, to make it somehow mine and add a personal touch to it.

So, please, do not copy any content of my blog either, without mentioning beexquisite as a source. Developing projects takes a lot of time and effort and I respect that. I hope you do, too.

I try my best to always give credit to people for creating something that inspired me to make something for my own blog, but if you think I missed something in any of my posts, please let me know. (

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