Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Okay, it's time again!
My 5 likes for this week:

1. Lentil soup. I l.o.v.e. it
2. Be Delicious by DKNY 
I love that perfume. It's kind of old and cliché and it sort of smells like old cucumbers BUT it's still awesome!

3. George Gerschwin

My favourite composer. Unfortunately, I don't have any of his music on vinyl but Youtube makes up for it. Kind of.
4.  Hair Buns
I love messy hair buns. They're so girlie and at the same time so... casual. I think my hair's not long enough [yet] for a decent bun but... someday.

5. Theatre. Plays.
I've been watching theatre plays since I was 5. I'm really grateful that my mom raised me with great love for theatre, this quite old but still amazing form of art. My favourite play is by far Harold and Modd but I like many many others, too.
I went to the theatre 3 times when I was in Germany and I saw "Little Shop of Horrors", "Faust" and "The Death of a Salesman". Well, I liked the first one the best. Faust was kind of... weird. Too abstract for me. And I like abstract, so I guess this makes the play just... bad. Not the play itself but the interpretation.
I like Bulgarian theatre more. Germany has [and gives] more money for that kind of stuff but I still prefer the way actors perform and approach a play here, in Bulgaria.
I actually did my externship [job shadowing] at the National Theatre in Stuttgart. It was pretty great but I'll tell you more about that some other time.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 likes!
xxo P.

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