Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY: Inspirational Booklet

I was out shopping with my mom yesterday and we went to our favourite bookstore where she saw this really cute small book with inspirational quotes in it. I admit it, it was cute, but I really don't believe in spending money on things like that.
So I promised her I would make one similar booklet for her this week. I have lots of projects going on right now but somehow I felt like I have to do it today and here's the result:

I'm really bad at drawing, so I bet yours will turn out more beautiful.
The quotes are in Bulgarian because it's for my mom but you get the idea. You can, of course, choose a different format and design but here's how I made mine:


You can also use your own photos and actually write the quotes instead of printing them, to make it more personal. For this booklet I printed most of them and wrote two.

The Internet is full of good quotes!

You can choose a particular topic for your booklet and collect special quotes for it, I just took the quotes I liked from 3 different websites.  


This project is not strict at all, so you can use all your creativity and change it completely. I hope you like the idea and I'd love to see a photo, if you decide to re-create it. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

- P.

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