Saturday, August 25, 2012

A weekend away

This was my first "road trip" ever since I came back from Germany. Honestly, I really haven't been in the mood for that stuff lately but my parents insisted, so I went with them. It was nice, though. I think I'll share some more photos soon because we visited really beautiful places. 
It was about 1000 degrees outside, so it wasn't all pleasant but it was worth it. I finally felt like I wasn't totally wasting my holidays, and that's good!
Here's a photo of me... well, actually two photos of me my dad took today. We were walking around in this huge park/forest and we sat by the river for a while to escape the heat. It was really pretty there, I have to say.

top: tally weijl, skirt: bensimon, shoes: paolo botticelli, glasses: h&m

Well, now that one of my dreams - to write a fancy description under my photo, has come true, I can go sleep tight. I wish you a nice Sunday!

xxo P.

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